Climate Research and Green New Deal Resources for 2020

People’s Climate March 2014 NYC, photo by Flirck user: South Bend Voice

Last night, in response to our latest Sludge report on millions of dollars in fossil fuel industry investments held by members of Congress while lawmakers delay on climate policy, a middle-aged tax professional in New Jersey posted the following public comment on our Facebook page:

The US has reduced its carbon footprint by more than 50 percent in the past decade by converting coal fired power plants to NATURAL GAS. Emissions from Cars and trucks that run on gas and diesel fuel account for 50% of carbon emissions. Due the complexity of our power grid solar and wind can not provide a sustainable answer. China, India and Europe have more coal fired plants than than US and they need to meet the same standards as we have. They are the main contributors to carbon pollution. The green new deal will cost 50 trillion dollars that we do not have and can not afford. Government does not supply energy, the private sector does….

I wanted to share ways for more people to rebut these common conservative arguments, which seek to minimize the scientific consensus and deflect responsibility for strong climate action this critical decade. In fact, his just-in response to my reply was simply, “What about China and India?” (Stay tuned.)

Initial research, studies, news links, and responses below, with more coverage forthcoming:

Feedback, suggestions, and questions welcome. Email: david at readsludge {dot} com, @ppolitics on Twitter. About our independent newsroom, Sludge.



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David Moore

Co-founder, investigative journalism on money in politics. Previously: OpenCongress, AskThem, Councilmatic.